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What Is the Purpose of Dissertation?

In almost every field and discipline, the last assignment students need to complete in order to earn their master’s or Ph.D. degree is the dissertation. It’s considered to be the culmination of their entire graduate studies and is a work of original researching and writing. Students commonly present an in-depth discussion and debate on a topic of their choice and one that is usually a personal passion for these students.

For example, a philosophy student may want to present an argument against the classic philosophers and will present his or her opinions and research to disprove ideas or theories presented by the likes of Aristotle or Socrates. This seems, in and of itself, like an impossible task. But this is exactly what a groundbreaking dissertation should look like.

What are the Different Types of Dissertation Projects?

Students ask this question all of the time and are surprised to find that the answer is much simpler regardless of the difference in the fields of study. Empirical versus non-empirical dissertations are the two widely applied and used graduate research studies that exist across all disciplines.


Data and the collection of it is the foundation of this type of study. You can see this in disciplines like math, biology, psychology or other types of sciences. They generally require studies collected or conducted and analyzed by students in the presentation of their ideas.


These types of dissertations are among those you find in the liberal arts where arguments have been made and the information that already exists is reinterpreted. Art History students can present a case for Michelangelo being overrated, for example, or Freud being wrong about his other theories.

Characteristics of a Great Dissertation

  • A clear definition and explanation of your study and a detailed problem or question
  • An explanation or outline of the major related issues and discussion points
  • A brief summary and review of prior available literature related to the topic
  • An assessment of the legitimacy and reliability of the method and study
  • An analysis or evaluation of all the supporting data and evidence
  • A well-structured discussion and argument across all included sections
  • Adherence to the accepted structure appropriate to the discipline or department

The process of researching, writing, and presenting this graduate capstone process and earning a master’s or Ph.D. degree is an essential step for many students seeking researchers, professors or professionals in a specific field. It is quite challenging to do, so the accomplishment alone is highly respected by employers at all levels and in all areas

Since the work will likely be read by other researchers, students, and educators in their work, you need to ensure that it is flawless in every sense. Students should utilize as many resources as possible. Everything from graduate advisors to professional reviewers, editors, and writers should be consulted through every phase. Check the web for quality cheap dissertation services at early and learn about all the different services and resources they have to help you finish.

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