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The Best College Student Resume Template for Internship

Getting your foot in the door at a new establishment with limited experience is possible with the help of a well-written resume. A great college student resume template for internship will help you create the best resume so you can feel confident about getting the internship you want. The right template can assist with planning your resume to ensure you get promising results. So what should you know when writing your resume with the goal of landing the internship you want? Review the following suggestions to start planning your content.

Take Notes when Studying a College Internship Resume Template

A template helps put things about you in place with respect to organization and structure. Before writing your resume, think about elements that make a great intern. Think about why you feel you are a good candidate for the position. Study resume samples to get ideas on what details stand out that help people land internships. Connect with professionals in the field to get ideas from a professional standpoint to help plan your resume.

What’s In an Internship Resume Template for College Students?

After doing research about how to make your personal qualities shine for your resume, next you’ll want to explore what is on the resume to plan information to include. A resume of this nature is great for anyone with limited experience. You can focus on providing information that shows your values, strengths, and what you have to offer. While some resumes may vary depending on parts included, here are basic sections you’ll likely find on an intern resume.

  1. Contact: Provide your first and last name, mailing address, email address, and phone number in this order centered at the top of the page. Use an appropriate email address and something you can check regularly for replies or correspondence from potential opportunities you apply.
  2. Summary: Create a general title or phrase that describes your interest. Then, elaborate in summarized details about your interests and goals as it relates to the internship you’re applying. Mention what you want but avoid writing it in first-person or using “I.”
  3. Skills: Mention key skills such as languages, software, communication, and so on. Think about skills sought for the internship you want.
  4. Education/Awards & Honors: Mention the name of the college, graduation year, major, minors, and GPA. Any awards earned such as honors or Dean’s List, mention here and note the number of semesters if you earned an award more than once.
  5. Work experience: Detail work completed during college related to your internship interest. If your work experience is limited consider jobs or duties completed that show responsibilities and actions related to your internship interest. List such actions as bullet points.
  6. Volunteer experience: Since there are different options for resume template, college student internship content may or may not include this detail. The volunteering experience may show related responsibilities completed that may benefit the internship you’re inquiring.

Assessing Your Draft Resume before Finalizing

A template should assist with creating a rough draft resume you can make changes to later. You may want to consider creating two or three variations of your resume depending on how many places you plan to submit it. While using a resume template for college internship you’ll want to keep in mind a few details about your content. Use keywords related to your internship field. Get insight from colleagues about your content. Hire a pro editor or expert resume writer to review and improve your content.

Knowing What Employers Expect of You through Your Resume

A resume for college internship template should help you understand what information to mention that will help you get the internship. Explore terminology associated with your field. Review your work history and experience to assess actions to mention that are of interest to your internship opportunity. Present your content in professional manner but be prepared to support your content verbally during the interview process. Omit including a list of references, but know of individuals that can be referred to as a reference in the future. A resume template for internships for college students is a useful tool to help anyone of any writing level get started with their resume.

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