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Guide To A Perfect Master Dissertation

Several postgraduate students face moments of fear when they first begin to think about the word dissertation. It is an essential component of a master’s course.

The Master’s dissertation focus is on the application of the philosophical and theoretical framework. It is comprehensive and will need a lot of organizational and time management skills plus discipline to accomplish it.

Guidelines To Compose A Good Master Dissertation

  • Start Early

    While taking your Master’s course, it is not a new occurrence that you will have to write a dissertation. You should start doing your research early enough since it takes months to complete a dissertation. An early start provides ample time to go through research resources adequately and obtain as much information as you can grasp.

  • Select a Captivating Topic

    A dissertation is defined as a long piece of writing; selecting a captivating title that summarizes the whole document can be a daunting task. However, it is crucial to have the topic as captivating and as clear as possible to encourage the reader to read on. The title should be specific and answer the question, “what is the study about?” It should not be so broadly such that it makes you look like a newbie.

    Your supervisor can help you come up with a topic, but you have to have ideas of what you want your title to be.

    Reading of previous print media and dissertation can also help you come up with a good title.

  • Be Specific

    You need to organize and arrange yourself in the sense that you can find time to read. It is wise to divide your reading time in bits; that way, you don’t get fatigued. The secret is reading a little every day, dividing your work into manageable bits creates motivation as it doesn’t seem bulky. To create a perfect master dissertation, you need to be thorough in your research; that entails reading more to get more ideas each day.

  • Build your list of references

    It is a section that appears after the body of a document. It gives the complete list of resources or works cited to come up with your document. During the dissertation writing, you should take note of all the research resources you used and cited in the document to avoid confusion and wrong listing. We use different styles to cite these references. It is, therefore, advisable to check your institution to know the format they advise.

  • Be Open-minded

    Writing a dissertation is very involving. You should view it as something that is continually re-written daily, you come up with better arguments and come up with better ideas. You should be open-minded in such a way that you accept criticism from colleagues and more so your supervisor.

    You should organize a meeting with your supervisor to guide you through the whole process. Create a good working relationship with your supervisor.

  • It is essential to take care of your health

    Writing a dissertation can be so stressful and might take away your mental and physical health. Don’t stress too much; get adequate sleep, eat well, and exercise. When you are in good health, you are even more productive and can come up with a good essay, unlike when you are not in your correct mental space.

A Master dissertation is challenging and stressful for students. Maintain a positive mindset that views this dissertation as a way of showing the skills you have earned in your graduate school, most notably your research skills. You also have to look at it from the aspect that when you do your best on the dissertation, you will earn yourself a high grade and who doesn’t want a high grade?

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