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Top 20 Good Dissertation Titles In Business Management

The title of your dissertation is not just a sentence to fill the pages. It captures the subject matter you will be dealing with throughout the project. It also tells of the scope of your research and the areas of specialization. It further gives an indication of your stand or position regarding an issue of interest. It becomes your guide on areas to cover and those to ignore when compiling your dissertation. It is therefore necessary to think hard and research extensively before coming up with a title. Here is a list of fresh dissertation titles on business management that will make your work outstanding.

  1. The power of psychology in business negotiations
  2. Managing generation-y employees
  3. Social media and its contribution to productivity in work places
  4. Higher pay vs better working conditions to ensure staff retention
  5. Gender facilitation in an open office setup
  6. Remaining profitable despite widespread civil unrest
  7. The interaction between quality services, Corporate Social Responsibility and Public Relations
  8. Turning ideas into successful businesses
  9. The urban and rural business environments
  10. The best gender in managing startups
  11. When to incorporate technology in business
  12. Managing e-commerce in the wake of hacking threats
  13. How to deal with a takeover
  14. The dynamics of a small office
  15. The best human resource practices for multinational corporations
  16. The cultural aspect of human resource management
  17. Safeguarding the environment and remaining profitable
  18. Managing family businesses effectively
  19. How to manage a monopoly and maintain good customer relations
  20. The place of leadership when implementing international expansion strategies

Having chosen your topic, it is time to move to the next phases of writing your dissertation in business management. Your work must reveal thorough research and the adoption of a unique angle in writing. Research is a natural part of any writing endeavor. This calls for interview and data survey skills as you correct materials on the ground.

Besides collecting data in the field, a lot of literature review is required. You need to identify the right materials to use and what to ignore. The field of business management is extensive. It is likely to take all your time if you have no idea where to start. Seek guidance from your supervisor on the best approach in research to avoid time wastage.

Compile all the materials gathered and make a coherent dissertation on your chosen field in business management.

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