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Сollege Application Resume Template for High School Students 2019

Basics you need to know
Review the following details to learn about college application resume templates. Use these tips to prepare a resume as a high school student for college.

Many college applications require a resume attachment to provide additional insight about students inquiring admission into their institution. Referring to a resume template for college application to assist writing your resume is a great writing tool to simplify the process while making sure content is organized and presentable. Your resume doesn’t have to be perfect, but it should be something to help you feel confident about your abilities and accomplishments as it helps to provide information about who you are and why you’re a good candidate for college.

Why Use a Resume for College Application Template?

When you have no clue how to plan or write a resume, online thesis writing help is the perfect tool. In a nutshell, it tells you what you need to include and how to present the details. It helps you understand the format to follow for your content and you know what information about yourself to mention. Using a template of this nature helps you stay focused on presenting your information to ensure you meet expectations. Plus, you’ll learn things about yourself colleges will value while using it as an assessment tool for potential admission.

Parts of a College Applicant Resume Template to Know

There are several parts to the resume to review before you start writing. Understanding these parts will assist with planning and determining what to include. Here are the basic parts of a college application resume to know.

  1. Contact details: Use relevant information that is reliable for someone to contact you. Details such as your full name, address, phone number, and email address. Use an email address that is appropriate to place on a resume while leaving a positive impression. The email address should be something you can check on a regular basis.
  2. Education background: a college application resume template will help you organize your educational information into presentable content in chronological order. This section will mention the name of your high school (including years attended start and end year), GPA, test scores for ACT/SAT, and related course classes completed related to your major or subject of interest.
  3. Experience: here you will detail what you have accomplished and any responsibilities you’ve completed in relation to your major. Mention your actions by the numbers if possible. For example, if you worked part-time with an employer, mention how many hours you worked per week or per shift. If you babysit mention how many children and how many hours. If you played on a sports team and were the captain, mention how many times you lead the team to complete certain actions per week. Show volume in your experience.
  4. Skills: mention skills you most value about yourself while considering what a college wants to see in potential students. Think about skills related to your major to mention and avoid cliché type skills such as “team player” or “hard working.”
  5. Awards: few resume template for college applications provide pertinent details for this section to help you present any awards or honors showing your best merits. Mention awards received at school for academics, sports, or even community work or other special groups you may be associated with such as eagle scouts.

Additional Writing Tips for Your Application Resume

While preparing your high school resume template for college application submission you can omit the “objection” section and the “references available upon request” details. You’ll likely have experience to add that may not be directly related to your major, but you can show you’ve developed and engaged in responsibilities to show how you work with others. Write a draft and share it with someone you trust to get feedback and suggestions.

What to Do Before Submitting Your Resume

After using a student resume template for college application to create your final resume, finalize your content and have it reviewed by an instructor. Check spelling, spacing, and word usage. While it doesn’t have to be perfect, make sure your final draft leaves a positive impression. Make sure your information is honest, factual, and concise. You may be asked about written details later. Using a resume template for high school student applying to college is optional but makes a big difference when planning how to present your personal information to potential colleges. can also help you a lot, if you need help with career planning.

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