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How to Write a Phenomenology Dissertation: 5 Tips and Tricks

You must be wondering if phenomenology was a great academic path. It is. As one of the fastest-growing fields, we are confident that your work within the area will ensure progress that benefits us all. As a sub-study in philosophy, we are tasked to understand how consciousness and experience lead to trends that affect everything from politics to health to sports to religion. It’s certainly a discipline that is gaining ground in academics and we’ve pieced together 5 amazing ideas for writing a phenomenology dissertation:

  1. Think about the process as a long-term training exercise.

    The joy of writing is something that professional academics learned to appreciate when they were first students. Writing skills cannot be fully developed overnight. It takes years of practice – just like it would should you decide to run a marathon. Put in the work and the results will show your hard work.

  2. Develop schedules for long-term and short-term tasks.

    It’s hard to keep everything on track. There are hundreds of little things you need to do to achieve your phenomenology dissertation writing goals. Making a list of these tasks and carefully planning for and spreading them out over several months will help you complete each one.

  3. Start researching early and often before you write.

    You may think that research comes easy. Lookup a couple of resources… highlight some quotes and facts, and then the next part will come naturally. FALSE! Research is hard work and is the largest responsibility you have in writing a phenomenology dissertation. Start early and expect a couple of challenges along the way.

  4. Write! Get your ideas down on the page as soon as possible.

    Yes. Yes. Yes. We get to the writing part. So, many of us tend to put this off as long as possible. We doubt ourselves or feel that we can do magical things in a few hours. This line of thinking will certainly lead to failure when it comes to a capstone project. Start your drafts early; just sit down and write without worrying about your spelling, grammar, or punctuation.

  5. Meet with your advisor to discuss your progress and plans.

    Many students don’t like the idea of discussing their work or progress when working on long-term projects of this scope and magnitude. We don’t disagree with the sentiment but we do disagree with the attitude. As a student, you must be comfortable with discussing your work with your advisor. You must establish a relationship, take advice, and offer your thoughts on your personal work. It’s a collaborative process in which a professional can offer sound advice. Take it.

There are several things to take away from this article that you can readily apply to your work process. We also recommend you get custom dissertation help when you need to tackle a project of this scope. Academic success is based highly on how much you are willing to consult with and learn from experts when necessary. We’re a premier academic editing and writing service that is ready to assist you in every way possible.

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